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Kings Ridge Golf Club celebrates golf at every level. We take pride in developing a wide range of junior talents, as well as introducing the game to hundreds of new golfers every year. With our friendly and personal approach, we strive to teach each student at his or her own level and ability. We offer private lessons, group lessons, clinics, golf schools, and junior academy programs.

Our player development programs offer professional instruction that’s affordable, enjoyable, and less intimidating for students of all levels. Our Golf Instruction staff will help serious golfers reach their personal goals as well as teach beginners to learn to love the game.

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“This is an amazing place to learn the game of golf, especially hearing what you’re supposed to be working on from Kenny’s awesome accent!”

Go Smart Fitness

Smart Fitness is a one-on-one, personal training facility located in Ocoee, FL. We focus on a slow-style workout that is safe and efficient for everyone.

We have clients of all ages and backgrounds, from professional athletes to moms and dads wanting to stay in great shape, we have something for anyone who is looking to take their fitness to the next level. Our sessions are 20-minutes, twice per week, and we thrive on providing feedback and setting proper goals so you can achieve your personal best!

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Services Offered

Our Staff is ready to help you reach your fitness goals one session at a time. With over 10 years of experience and the most up to date ACE certified personal training accreditation, we will ensure you have the absolute safest results oriented experience possible. This way, exercise will easily become a daily habit and contribute to your overall quality of life!

  • Truly Personal Training
  • Convenient Workouts
  • No Strain, No Pain
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Stretch Therapy is key to flexibility. You must have proper range of motion in your core, shoulders, hips and ankles to reach peak performance. Without proper flexibility you will be more prone to muscle fatigue, slower recovery time, and possible injury. Increasing your flexibility  allows you to have a more fluid and relaxed golf swing. This gives you more power, a centered strike, and a consistent swing pattern. 

Stretch therapy needs to be a large component of your golf fitness program if you want to reach your goals. Get the most out of your golf lessons and maximize your results!

Recommended Plan
• Three – 60 minute sessions to be used within 30 days @ $360.00
• Swing assessment included
Single Sessions – 80 minutes @ $140.00

Alexis Torres • 407-505-9702

Services Offered

• Stretch Therapy

• Deep Tissue Massage

• Myofascial Release


“As an avid golfer and full time golf fitness trainer, I highly recommend Alexis’ Stretch Therapy/massage combo to improve flexibility and improve muscle recovery. I’ve been seeing her for over a year now and have had fantastic results. I also recommend her to my personal fitness clients.”
Jason Lamertina | NSCA CSCS-CPT